Nestled on a tufaceous terrace overlooking the sea, Sorrento is a wonderful holiday resort known, as well as for its beautiful views, for its citrus groves. The pretty town is in fact famous all over the world for the production of limoncello, the yellow liqueur whose origins intertwine the Sorrento peninsula with the Amalfi coast, up to the island of Capri.
The fulcrum around which Sorrento life revolves is the very center of the city, characterized by the renowned Piazza Tasso, junction point of the main roads which, organized in a harmonious network along Corso Italia, trace a perfect route through the most beautiful points of the city.
In any case, the whole coastal profile of the Sorrento peninsula is an area of enormous charm that exhibits unique panoramas. Along the road to reach the beautiful Sorrento, there are places of equal beauty such as Vico Equense, known for the production of olive oil, and scenically spectacular places such as the island of Li Galli, a real work of art of the nature with its almost voluntarily sculpted silhouette, which from above reproduces the image of a dolphin.