The capital of the Campania region is one of the largest and most enchanting cities of art in the Mediterranean. Located in a dominant position on the homonymous gulf, Naples is the city that has best managed to merge its multiple historical stratifications, creating a truly inimitable visit path. The city is teeming with monuments, archaeological areas, works of art and architectural masterpieces that follow one another from the majestic Piazza Plebiscito, to the imposing Castel Sant’Elmo, Maschio Angioino and Castel Dell’Ovo, without neglecting the magnificent museums of Palazzo Reale, Capodimonte and the Archaeological Museum and the nineteenth-century Galleria Umberto.
An overwhelming scenario is what instead offers the panoramic area of this queen, with the breathtaking landscapes of Mergellina and Posillipo that immortalize the infinite beauty of the beating heart of this region in the most spectacular way.